Yokotai waking up!

Go and check out our Recommend playlist on Soundcloud. There are some new jamitusbiisejä, including one our own favourite track (guess which one). We sincerely hope you'll like them!


Yokotai LIVE @ Mbar 28.8.2014

Yokotai will perform live at Mbar terrace, if the weather is appropriate. Athorwise we'll be inside.
Welcome to enjoy house techno music at 9-10pm!




Yokotai exhibition "Mustasäkki" at Gallery Rajatila Tampere 25.1. - 11.2.2014! The opening 24.1.2014 at 18:00!

The exhibition includes lots of program:
25.1.2014 16:00 an interview with DJ Jokke about the history of Finnish DJ culture

Music guests:
Windom live (Helsinki) www.soundcloud.com/windom
DJ Raaka Asko (Turku) www.soundcloud.com/djdiodi + DJ Bastu (Helsinki) b2b
DJ Halvtrak (Tampere) www.halvtrak.tumblr.com  www.soundcloud.com/halvtrak

Event on Facebook.


"Mustasäkki" exhibition @ Gallery Rajatila, Tampere 25.1.-11.2.2014

Yokotai will do an audio visual installation exhibition "Mustasäkki" in Rajatila starting next January.
More information coming soon!


Yokotai Live @ Kalleria 24.7.2013

Yokotai will perform live in the final night of exhibition "Yokotain Top Hitit". The place is the same gallery Kalleria (Kaarlenkatu 10, Helsinki).
The show will start at 4pm, welcome!

The ones, who haven't seen us live, has now a final chance to experience Yokotai live at Kalleria. It's going to be a little different show than usually. The weather seems to be rather good and warm, so it's time for a party!
See you!