Live show at mBar (Helsinki 2014)

The Video Window.
Video screenings and live music through the window.
VJ done with dvd players and mixed real-time with
CamLink Vision 500 (Helsinki 2014).

The art exhibition "Mustasäkki". A screened turntable on the wall
and faces and dancers running in tv monitors on the floor (above).
Rajatila Gallery (Tampere 2014)

The old school poster and the flyer for the art exhibition
"Mustasäkki", Rajatila Gallery (Tampere 2014)


The live set in
Kalleria Gallery (Helsinki 2013)

The art exhibition "Yokotain top hitit"
in Kalleria Gallery (Helsinki 2013)

Participating in AAVE-Festival.
The art exhibition "So boom tschak" and live set.
The new device synchronator in use. 
Sorbus Gallery (Helsinki 2013).

Live show & DJ/VJ session in Bar Sandro
organized by AAVE-Festival (Helsinki 2013)

Screened visuals and the name sprayed
on canvas during the show.
Polymer Festival in Kultuuritehas Polymer (Tallinn 2012).

DJ Bastu's dj set (Tallinn 2012)

Yokotai in Kultuuritehas Polymer (Tallinn 2012)

Visuals screened on the ceiling.
DJ/VJ nite "Y-klubi" in Baari Bar (Helsinki 2012)

Live set with strobo and the visuals "Poliisi meets space"
projected on the wall with large scale. 
The show was performed in an old toy factory
Kultuuritehas Polymer (Tallinn 2011).

Old promo pictures 2011

The exhibition flyer "Yokotai-kokemus"
Kalleria Gallery (Helsinki 2011)

Live sets with lights and visuals screened on the wall
and in tv-monitors, Kalleria Gallery (Helsinki 2011)

The first live show in Maa-tila Gallery
(Helsinki 2009)

Old school DJ music session in a parking hall
(Imatra 2005).