Is an audio visual group of three members: Tiina, Jaana and Kai. They get their inspiration from the early 1990's Detroit Techno and Chicago House music, and they use typical analog devices of that time such as drum machines, synthesizers, sampler, strobe lights, and UV lights. Yokotai's music ranges between Detroit Techno, Acid Techno and Chicago House, and is filled with dialogues from movies they enjoy. In live shows Yokotai uses its own visuals to create a polyrhythmic combination with music and lights. The visuals are usually mixed non-real-time, and they get their themes from pop culture and home made videos.

The group started in 2005 as an instrumental band (using bass guitar, keyboards and live drums) organizing own DJ evenings as well. The members graduated as visual artists in 2006 specializing in video, photography and audio. Their art exhibitions have focused on the 80s-90s techno culture, and presented in experiential installation form. Tiina and Jaana have studied video editing, and are currently working on television productions. Kai has been working as a DJ since 1993 and playing in punk-indie-rock bands. Today he's working as an electronic musician Windom and DJ Bastu.

Yokotai has released mini CDs, a C-cassette, and one vinyl record. They have performed live at art exhibitions and in AV festivals (Helsinki, Tampere, Tallinn). Yokotai is interested in to take part in music events, DJ nites, art projects, and to do co-operations with other artists, musicians and societies.

TIINA: sampler, keyboards
JAANA: monotron, keyboards
KAI: drum machines